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RDS was  established in the year 2015 and ever since its inception it has extended its business arm to diversified sectors resulting in  rapid growth of the company . Innovative and upgraded technology and usage of ethical business methods has bagged RDS with a good customer base.

Headquartered in New Delhi and branches and having some branch in Kolkata, West Bengal and Imphal, Manipur. RDS has created an upsurge in the sphere of employment. Presently , the company focousing to village ectrification through renuable energy like solar powered projects  has more than 500 people directly and indirectly employed by it. Nano technology development and eduction through e-learning processes.

The company is also in youth development programs in the renueble energy sector, nano technology, fire fighting technology, beautification of Loktak Lake, tourisim, village housing    and e-learning processes to schools in the state of Manipur.

RDS strives to make the world better by providing business solutions in this fast changing world, catering to the needs of different industry verticals.

We cover a broad range of industries from IT, Real Estate, Infrastructure & Property , Travel and Tourism , Aviation, Insurance , Finance,Food and beverage.